Active Learners

At Abram Bryn Gates we are committed to making children "active learners". As part of our overall assertive mentoring programme – active learners take responsibility for their learning, self assessing against all the strands that go towards their goal. In dialogue with their teachers, children regularly evaluate their progress and what they need to do to improve. This process is a vital component in the schools parents evenings in which the children are fully involved.

If I am an active learner:

  • I always make myself ready straightaway for my lesson.
  • I take responsibility for my own learning.
  • I always make myself ready straightaway for my lesson.
  • I always make myself ready straightaway for my lesson.
  • I save my conversations with my friends until playtimes.
  • I always aim to finish my task, without rushing, in the time given.
  • I always pay full attention to my teachers and listen carefully to everything they say.
  • I always try really hard to learn whatever is being taught and to remember it.
  • I always try to do the task or activity to the best of my ability.
  • I ask for help from an adult if I don't understand my work.
  • I learn something new or get better at something every lesson.
  • I ignore anyone who is stopping me from doing my best.
  • I take pride in my achievements and want to do even more to improve.
  • I take pride in the presentation of my work and I always ensure that it is of good quality.
  • I never give up trying.

My behaviour:

  • I always behave appropriately in the playground.
  • I always display the correct attitude towards adults in school.
  • I conduct myself around school in an appropriate manner.
  • I always line up in the correct way.
  • I always behave appropriately in the lunch hall.
  • I always show respect towards other people.
  • My behaviour in the classroom is always appropriate.