IPC Curriculum - Year 2

Super Humans

Your body is a bundle of bones, muscles, senses and nerves all connected together to make you a human. But do you know how these parts of your body work with your brain? Let’s find out.

Our World

Our world is where we live – our home, our family, our school. It is the places that we go, the people that we meet, the things that we can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. Our world is important, because we share it with lots of other living things. We need to treat our world with respect – to ensure that it is well looked after – so that every person, animal and plant can live healthily and enjoy it.

Hooray… Let’s Go on Holiday!

Holidays are special days when we take a rest from school and work. Our holidays in the past were very different from holidays today. Now that travel to all parts of the world and even space is possible, who knows where we will go for our holidays in the future?

People of the Past

History is one big story, filled with important people who did many great things - scientists, rulers, artists, writers, explorers. By learning about these people and what they did, we can find out more about the qualities that make someone great.