Music Curriculum

Music is accessible and relevant for all children at Abram Bryn Gates.  The school works in partnership with the Wigan Music Service whose expertise ensure that our pupils receive high quality education, which engages and inspires them to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians - increasing self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. 

Children perform, listen to, review and evaluate various types of music …. they learn to sing and improve their voices ….. they create and compare music on their own and with others …. they understand and explore how music is created and produced. 

The school is committed to the Wider Opportunities scheme run by theWiganmusic Service, which provides musical instrument tuition for a full year for each Y4 cohort.  Opportunities to continue to learn a musical instrument are available as an extra-curricular activity. 

Children regularly perform and listen to performances of musical experts.  The school takes part each year in the inter-school musical extravaganza Let’s Sing and has performed with the acclaimed Hallè Orchestra on several occasions.