Science Curriculum

The Science curriculum at Abram Bryn Gates is underpinned by the Programme of Study set out by the government in the revised National Curriculum 2013 and EYFS 2014.

The development of key scientific knowledge and concepts is developed through a variety of practical learning experiences using both the immediate and the wider environment. These experiences are designed to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world. When first-hand experience is not possible use secondary resources to answer their questions about the world around them.

Children work scientifically to find answers to science questions through collecting, analysing and presenting data. This enables them to apply their mathematical knowledge to develop their understanding of data collected. As part of their science work our aim is also to build up the children’s ability to use technical terminology precisely and accurately.

Science Programmes of Study - revised National Curriculum

Year 1

Plants                                                         Animals, including humans

Seasonal changes                                       Everyday material

Year 2

Living things and their habitat                   Plants

Animals, including humans                           Uses of everyday materials

Year 3

Plants                                                       Animals, including humans

Rocks                                                       Light

Forces and Magnets                                 

Year 4

Animals, including humans                             Living things and their habitats Sound                                                           Electricity

States of matter

Year 5

Animals, including humans                              Living things and their habitats

Properties and changes of materials              Earth and space

Forces and Magnets                                                     

Year 6

Living things and their habitats                     Animals, including humans

Evolution and inheritance                               Light